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Welcome to Oasis Community Church in beautiful Casa Grande, Arizona
Welcome to Oasis Community Church in beautiful Casa Grande, Arizona
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Statement of Mission: To relationally connect people with God and each other for now and eternity!
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What is OASIS?
OASIS Community Church is a church where our worship style is familiar, creatively refreshing and focused on a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Although we are connected with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in missions, we are very non-denominational and community minded locally. We believe that Christianity is all about relationships … relationships with God and each other. We believe that the Bible speaks to the real issues of life at any stage. We believe that a good laugh is part of the mix and having fun together is important.

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We believe that the most important thing about anyone is how and what they think about God. All of life is consciously or otherwise shaped by this thought. God is the issue!

Because God wants us to think rightly about Him, He has given us the Bible. Only an understanding of God, as presented in the Bible, can sufficiently satisfy the human heart.

The Bible introduces us to the person of Jesus Christ. We know God through Jesus Christ and grow in our knowledge and relationship with Him by trusting in Him. As we begin and grow in our relationship with Christ we learn to walk and remain on the path that God has for each of us in life.

Life on earth is only the beginning of a relationship with God. Heaven is God’s home, which He has invited us to share with Him. Begin the journey with us and you won’t be disappointed.

For a more comprehensive understanding of our beliefs visit and go to Who we Are, followed by Doctrinal Statement.

OASIS Community Church is especially designed for Active Adults. A time when the kids are gone, lifelong work is past or almost so, and there’s time to do the things that we had always hoped to do. It can be the best time of life … a time to pursue new or lifelong interests, dreams, friends and, hopefully, God, before this life is complete and our inevitable journey home.

Over 50, or the Second Half as we prefer to call it, should be the best half of life! It’s a great time to enjoy life and yet make a significant difference in the lives of others. Most of our first half has been focused on the kinds of things that have brought us this far, our careers, achievements, and planning for the second half. Now we have the opportunity to focus on what is most important … relationships. Relationships with God and others like us.

OASIS is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to build relationships with God and people. If your past experience with church or religion has turned you off you may want to give us a try. We hope you will discover a difference.

OASIS is committed to being a fellowship that welcomes people from different backgrounds and church affiliations. Our message is Christ.


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Welcome to Oasis Community Church in beautiful Casa Grande, Arizona